ESG is the abbreviation for "Environment Social Governance".

The consideration of ESG criteria in investments is becoming increasingly important. GreenMobility believes that ESG is a natural part of its business and has always embedded the criteria in its DNA.

Nasdaq’s Quarterly ESG Report offers insights on sustainability reporting averages and trends on a cross exchange sector level. The report provides an overview to illustrate what GreenMobility within its sector has reported to each of the given metrics in the ESG Portal across all the Nordic Nasdaq exchanges.

You can download Nasdaq´s reports below. 

Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner

We are proud to tell you that we are Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner!

UN World Goals

GreenMobility is part of the solution to fight urban congestion and pollution.

The GreenMobiliy cars are powered by green electricity, are quiet and very easy to use and ideally replace the private vehicle. In addition, GreenMobility complements the actual transport system, preventing CO2 emissions and thus providing all citizens with the possibility of a safe and sustainable mobility.

GreenMobility helps improve urban life, reduce global resource consumption as the number of vehicles decreases, and reduce pollution.

Today, GreenMobility displaces more than 650 tons of CO2 per year and contributes to the achievement of the UN World Goals 3, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13.